About Us

Founded in 2001 by the owner and principal fabricator Carl Cosico, Xtreme Metal Works is the premier Las Vegas custom metal fabrication shop! With over 30 years of fabrication experience, Carl has amassed abilities in handling all types of raw materials including aluminum, stainless, mild steel, chromoly, brass, and cast iron.
Settled just across the highway of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Xtreme is recognized by the American Welding Society and is LA Certified. From concept to creation, it is Carl’s steadfast philosophy on demanding quality and safety that distinguishes Xtreme in its industry. Carl believes that the safety of anyone that uses or comes into contact with his products is paramount, and therefore, is unwilling to take any shortcuts just to save time.

As a consummate fabricator, Carl truly has a passion for his profession. While creating from day until night, and even on his weekends, Carl has the determination to get projects done however much it demands of him and his staff. However, with the dedication of a leader like Carl, it is easy for his staff to be inspired to put in the same level of effort.

Xtreme Metal Works is dedicated to fostering valued relationships with its clients, where your needs, expectations, and satisfaction are their number one goal.

Carl Cosico

As owner and principal fabricator, Carl is the creative mind behind all of Xtreme’s projects. Since his earliest memories of childhood, Carl always exercised his creative skills. “I owe my creativity to my parents. They didn’t have enough money to buy anything else other than food and clothes; so instead of buying me toys, I had to make my own. So ever since I was a kid, I was using my imagination.”

Carl's Story

The one story that Carl recalls with clarity was when he was 12 years old. “It was kite flying season and all of my friends’ parents had bought them these kites to fly and I had asked my dad if he could buy me a kite. It was $1.49 at the time and he told me that he couldn’t because he didn’t have the money for it. So I ended up making my own kite and the next thing you know, my kite was up there flying with everyone else’s. And I remember sitting in the driveway, which was just outside the kitchen – and the window was cracked open - and I overheard my dad telling his friend that I had asked him to buy a kite and that he couldn’t afford it so I had made my own. He said that when he saw my kite flying up there with everyone else’s, he was so proud. I will never forget that.” From there, Carl’s creations extended to even making his own go carts, to which compared to his fellow friends, were far more unique and superior.
While his creativity and foresight have always been his strengths, Carl formally learned his welding skills at a trade school as a teenager. “Although school taught me how to properly use the welding equipment, the ideas and concepts that form in my mind can’t be taught,” says Carl. “In my mind, when I see something, I don’t think about how I can make it, but I think about how I can make it even better. How can I improve what’s already there?”
Inspired by ideas each and every day, Carl finds much reward in facilitating clients with their ideas, concepts, and projects. “All I need is for them to bring me an idea,” Carl says. “Then we can do the rest.”


"Looking forward to making your idea become a reality" - Carl Cosico